Hey folks,

This is Katie (vands88), just letting you know that I'm moving out. :-(

As much as I love indiexicons, I thought it was time for a change. Any new artwork will be posted at my new home geeky_ness. Don't worry, all my old graphics will be remain here (unless Georgie and Nicholas want to get rid of them that is!) but this is my last post in this comm.

Feel free to join or watch my new graphics journal as there will most likely be an update today/tomorrow. :-)

Thanks for everything, all 130(+) of you are absolutely fantastic. *hugs* And an especially big thank you to indiefairy for letting me share her beautiful comm in the first place. I hope you and Nicholas continue to take over fandom with your smashing icons! :D
[/end cheese]

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See you on the other side?

64 Random Icons

Ok, so I thought now was about time I went through my computer and used all of those icon bases I picked up at dont_be_so_base, thus follows a very random icon update. I normally credit base-makers individually but there are far too many here to do so, so I'll just say general credit goes to dont_be_so_base but if you want to know where I got a certain picture from or who made the base just leave a comment and I'll tell you the maker and where to find them, 'k? Sorry for the inconvience - I suck.

[18] Harry Potter cast (no spoilers)
[04] Heroes
[02] Sarah Michelle Gellar

[08] Stock: Shoes
[07] Stock: Starbucks/Coffee
[05] Stock: Animals & Rubber Ducks
[04] Stock: Summer Themed

[04] Other (misc.stock&music)

[12] 'My name is...' icons


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