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Georgie and Nicholas' Multi-Fandom Graphics

Georgie and Nicholas' Multi-Fandom Icons
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indiefairy here, I've become obsessed with making icons recently so decided to make my own community for them, so that I could show them to the world. I'm into a myriad of fandoms, and can become quite obsessed *coughtorchwooddoctorwhocough*

lost_cause_815 is the most TV obsessed Nerd you will ever meet, is currently going to college for Television Screenwriting, and apparently enjoys taking about himself in third person. But enough of that. ...So, you guys can call me Nicholas. I am the outsider here because I am American and DON'T happen to have a set of ovaries. However I do make icons, and I am glad to get to share them with you.

A lot goes into making Icons, we do it for fun and we enjoy it, we love it when people use our icons, but there are a few simple rules.

Please credit...
indiefairy//lost_cause_815 @ indiexicons
(depending on the icon maker, of course)

Commenting isn't necessary, but we do like to know where our icons are going and what people think of them, and if we see that more people like a certain kind of icon, we are more inclined to make more icons like it.

Please NO Hot-Linking.

indiefairy's resources are here
lost_cause_815's resources are coming soon :-)

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