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55 Multi-Fandom Icons

Note: Most of these are pretty simple. At the moment I'm trying to work on my colouring and cropping and stuff. Plus, there's beauty in simplicity, right?

[08] Doctor Who: Blink (text only)
[24] Prison Break: The Key
[12] Prison Break: Chicago
[04] Heroes: Peter (Milo)
[07] Miscellaneous TV & Film (Torchwood, Lost, Buffy, Harry Potter, High School Musical, 'Old School' Doctor Who)


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Doctor Who and Torchwood LJ Headers

First things first, happy birthday indiefairy! *hugs*

15 700x260 LJ HEADERS (all can be personalised for your LJ, to see an example visit vands88, please just ask below in the comments and I'll see what I can do)

[2] 10th Doctor
[9] 10th Doctor and Rose (both shippy and non-shippy)
[2] John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness)
[1] Jack/Gwen
[1] Jack/Ianto

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Multi-Fandom Graphics Update

(graphics with same theme/tone/colour in this case:
Desktop wallpapers, FO banners, LJ headers, forum/userinfo banners & icons)
[4] Doctor Who (new series)
[1] Torchwood (Jack/Ianto)

[21] Doctor Who - The Runaway Bride
[12] High School Musical (bases by dont_be_so_base)
[19] Random icons (mainly from LJ icontests and the like including animals, Doctor Who & Torchwood)

REQUESTS (which you are free to use)
[2] Buffy/Angel wallpapers
[1] Other wallpaper
[5] Grey's Anatomy sets (banner and icon)
[4] Other sets (banner and icon)
[7] Banners
[11] Icons

[7] Icon Textures

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